DAS Premium Hand-rolled Cigars

DAS cigars originated on the island of St. Maarten in 2003 and were initially sold only on the island. In 2005, we opened a small retain store in Harbor Springs, Michigan where Cat (Cathy) has maintained a home since 1981. Due to the high demand of DAS cigars, a larger factory was opened in Tamboril, Dominican Republic, in 2014, where the majority of our cigars are manufactured.

All of the cigars are hand-rolled by highly trained Torcedors (name for a person who makes cigars). The name torcedor comes from the Spanish word for twist. There are three basic parts to a cigar; the foot, the body and the head. The foot is the end that is lit, the head is the end you smoke and the body is what is in between. The body of a premium hand rolled cigar consists of long filler, the binder and the wrapper. The filler tobacco can be long or short. Long filler is made from long leaf tobacco and assembled by Torcedors, where short filler or scraps of tobacco are typically machine made cigars.

All of our cigars are long filler, made from Cuban seed, Dominican grown tobacco. We use Nicaraguan tobacco for the binder, which is the leaf between the filler and the outer wrapper. Not only does the binder add flavor to the cigar, the binder holds the filler tobacco in place while being pressed. The wrapper is the outer, more silky leaf, giving the cigar a nice look and feel and holds the cigar together permanently. The wrapper is actually 20% of the taste of the cigar. It’s pretty standard in the industry, the lighter the wrapper the milder the taste, the darker the wrapper the richer the taste. Our wrappers come in three characters: Connecticut Shade, a lighter wrapper with a mild tobacco taste; Sumatra wrapper, from Indonesia, which has a medium color and tobacco taste and finally Maduro, which is the darkest leaf and has a rich full-bodied taste. One is not better than the other, it is simply a matter of personal preference.

The size or shape of our cigars does not indicate quality it will just dictate the duration of the smoke, or it is a matter of personal preference.

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