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Cathy Neff-Siegers

Cat (Cathy) called northern Michigan home while working in the banking industry for over 30 years. Home town to her was Harbor Springs, Michigan with her first husband, Jim Neff. After Jim died in 2002, Cat traveled to the Caribbean where she met her second husband, Andi Siegers, a cigar manufacturer, born and living on the island of St. Maarten. In fact, the name DAS comes from Andi’s name, Don Andi Siegers. Cat learned the fine art of cigar making from Andi and working at the retail store in St. Maarten. Because of the high demand for Andi’s brand, DAS cigars, a new factory was opened in Tamboril, Dominican Republic, in 2014, where the majority of the cigars are now made. Making St. Maarten winter home, Cat returned to Harbor Springs for summer through fall and opened her first retail store, in 2005, selling Andi’s hand-rolled cigars.

Having been an art major in college, Cat revived her artistic talents and began making her own jewelry for her store. Seeing the popularity of leather and pearl jewelry on the island of St. Barths, a neighbor to St. Maarten, Cat was inspired to create her own pearl and leather designs to sell in her store. This has expanded to stringing pearls and other semi-precious gem stones and her one of a kind beaded bracelets. Although, the hand-rolled cigars are still a big part of the business, the jewelry designed by Cat is becoming a major part of her business.

Despite being divorced, Cat and her ex-husband, Andi, maintain a business relationship and factory ownership. Cat continues to sell the expertly hand-rolled DAS cigars as she has in the past, so quality is maintained.

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