A Word On Cigars

Long before the discovery of the Americas, cigars have been a sign of pleasure and thanksgiving. The Caribbean Indians after the Areito (Indian ritual dance), would light up tobacco as a form of communication with their ancestors. When the aromatic leaves where introduced in Europe they where an immediate success.

The Caribbean has always been known for what we call the “Dessert Economy” sugar cane, cacao trees, coffee and last but not least tobacco.  In the present this is still true. Great cigar tobacco is also grown in South America, Indonesia, Africa and even the United States with the state of Connecticut growing Connecticut Shade tobacco, used for mild cigar wrapper and is considered some of the best cigar tobacco grown in the world.

Cigars are all about the experience, a smooth draw, even burn, and a white ash are just a few things that a great cigar should be. They can be Mild, Medium or Rich full bodied character. You can pair your cigars with fine spirits such us; Cognac, Scotch, single malt or what ever strikes your palate at the time. Whatever you do, enjoy it.

You can find our cigars at Julieta y Romeo, 123 E. Main, Harbor Springs, MI 49740, mid-May to mid-October or on our website, www.catsiegers.com.

Always remember “a cigar is as good as the company you are smoking it with”.

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