Premium Handmade Cigars

DAS Cigars are hand rolled on the islands of the Dominican Republic, conveniently stocked and shipped from Harbor Springs, Michigan by Julieta Y Romeo.

DAS Premium Hand-rolled Cigars

October 5, 2020
DAS cigars originated on the island of St. Maarten in 2003 and were initially sold only on the island. In 2005, we opened a small retain store in Harbor Springs, Michigan where Cat (Cathy) has maintained a home since 1981. Due to the high demand of DAS cigars, a larger factory was opened in Tamboril, […]

A Word On Cigars

October 5, 2020
Long before the discovery of the Americas, cigars have been a sign of pleasure and thanksgiving. The Caribbean Indians after the Areito (Indian ritual dance), would light up tobacco as a form of communication with their ancestors. When the aromatic leaves where introduced in Europe they where an immediate success. The Caribbean has always been […]

Glossary of Cigar Terms

October 5, 2020
Band – The ring of paper with the name of the cigar brand, wrapped near the closed head of the cigar and usually held on with a vegetable based glue.  Binder – The portion of a tobacco leaf that is rolled around the filler to hold it together.  Blend – A mixture of different types of cigar leaf […]

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